Tuesday, July 10, 2007


This is the symbol of the chess team I belong to on www.gameknot.com and it is helping me develop patience and discplined thinking. My handle is "vhhsawb" so look me up and challenge me to a game. Your chances of winning are fairly good although I am improving.

A. I.


Julie said...


I used to play chess years ago, but that was when my brain worked better. ha! However, if you want an EASY win, I am definitely up for the challenge - ANYTIME! It sounds like fun!

(David may want to play you sometime too!)

Just to warn you...I think your chances of winning against me are MORE than fairly good! ;-)

Is there a time limit?


A. I. said...

The time limit is determined by the player sending the challenge. I look forward to seeing how we do.