Friday, January 04, 2008

Radical Resolution

What do you think would happen if every christian decided to do two things in 2008:

1. Pray every day for God to be present and active in their lives.

2. Determine to examine again the meaning of the Gospel by the way it is presented in the Scripture rather than trust their traditional understanding of it.

A. I.

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Julie said...

Hi Virgil! In response to your questions...

1) I think we would be BLOWN away by the results of what God could do through us, if we move out of the way and let Him work.

2) I think it would do us good to re-examine the true meaning of the Gospel...the redemption, assurance and real joy it offers, rather than focusing our attentions and energies on the external, temporal and man-made rules that so often fill our minds. I also believe the POWER of the Gospel far exceeds the power of those who oppose it.

Just a couple of thoughts I had... ;-)