Thursday, April 03, 2008

Proof of Life

I am happy to have a forum to address things going on in my world. I will try to be a little more deliberate about updating this particular blog.

I do wonder about the kind of church I belong on a "macro" level. I think from time to time it is dead and ready to be buried.

But the assembly I actually attend is very different. They are becoming curious about things and they have lots of questions. This makes my life very interesting. It means I actually have to prepare for classes since I never really know what may be coming up in our discussions. This is a good thing for me since you cannot be bored when people are curious. I saw a movie once and I loved the title: Proof of Life. This guy was kidnapped and held for ransom and at a certain point in the process of getting him back they wanted "proof of life;" evidence he was still around. Questions are Proof of Life. They mean people are still living and breathing... and thinking.

Is there Proof of Life in your your assembly?

A. I.


Julie said...


I enjoyed reading this entry! Your words are very thought provoking. We would all do well to stop and re-evaluate our own "Proof of Life!" THANK YOU!!

God bless your ministry!


j-double-d said...

Questions are good. I love questions. I love asking them of current paradigms to see if they can provide an answer. If not, then the question becomes "Do we need a paradigm shift?"

Ever read Thomas Kuhn (he's the one who came up with the paradigm & paradigm shift thing--Covey just applied it to self-help and popularized it).