Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Postmdernism and the "Truth"

Postmodernism is NOT a destination. It is a transition to a new way of thinking and experiencing reality. It is an appropriate rebellion against Modernism which claimed too much; it claimed it could explain everything and settle matters once and for all.

Postmodernism served notice upon Modernism that all matters are NOT solved by argumentation. Truth is often more complex that rational formulas. We are called by a reality beyond ours to think in deeper and more organic ways about complex matters. For instance; How can God be absolutely sovreign and man be absolutley free at the same time? It transcends logic. It defeats reason. It is beyond explanation. We are called to think in deeper and more organic ways about such complex matters.

Postmodernism may not be the destination but it challenges the arrogance of Modernism and sets us back on the path of humility; listening, hearing, observing. We are here to learn.

A. I.

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