Wednesday, February 11, 2009

the "unchurch"

I have been reading "unchristian." It makes me wonder if we should pursue a new paradigm for church/assembly. This is NOT a new Gospel but it is a new way to think about our meetings. They seem so inbred, so suited to our needs. What would they look like if they were directed to the needs of the unchurched...or the "dechurched?"



Anonymous said...

Beyond "unChristian" telling the many objections Mosaics and Busters have with Christians, I believe their essential complaint is this. They see no (or too little) evidence of the fruit of the Spirit in Christians' lives.

Anonymous said...

The new paradigm for the church/assembly must be exercising Christianity's real power outside of its walls. - no walls of self-righteousness - no walls of status - no walls of judgments or agendas. The unchurched will not be walled in untill they see us tear down all walls.

Anonymous said...

Going to "church" is like going to a day spa. "Make me feel good!"; sing pretty songs. "Make me feel right!"; speak gentle words. "Make me feel righteous!"; honor me for coming. Perhaps, we spend too much time being built up, and too little time being used up in service to others.