Friday, May 08, 2009

National Day of Prayer?

I went to a National Day of Prayer meeting yesterday. It was a little strange. We spent about an hour listing to people speaking about various things. We only spent about 7-10 minutes actually praying. I wonder if this is what God has in mind. I do not really care what the politicians want or what the churches want.

Is God impressed by our gathering if we only sound militant about how He is being marginalized in our culture? Is God impressed if we struggle to maintain our cultural standing in the current social and political climate? Is He at all impressed if we talk to ourselves and others about how "bad" things are?

Prayer is our call to Him; our declaration to Him, that we need His help. I am still hoping a group of Christians will become desperate enough to simple pray. We have some great spiritual examples of men and women who simply prayed and asked for help. I do not think we are desperate enough yet. I do not think we know the depth of our need yet. 7-10 minutes is not a cry for help. It is a declaration that we know more than God. God help us.


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