Thursday, July 23, 2009

i stole this from another guy...who stole get the idea...

There was once a minister who loved nothing more than relaxing on a Sunday afternoon by playing a round of golf. However, so as to maintain his reputation and ensure some peace and quiet, he would pretend to everyone that he really helped out with a charity after church. So, every Sunday while his friends, family and congregation thought that he was busy helping the poor, the minister would be secretly enjoying a leisurely game of golf.

After a year or so some of the angels noticed what was happening and, in their monthly report, informed God of the deception.

‘This is indeed a problem’ replied God as he put a note in his dairy, ‘I shall have to teach him a lesson’.

While it is well known that God hates sitting though church, He made a point of going to the Ministers service the next Sunday so that He could witness what would transpire afterwords. Sure enough, once the service was completed the minister announced to everyone that he needed to go serve at a charity for the remainder of the day. Then he jumped in his car, waved goodbye to his family and drove straight to his favorite golf course.

But this Sunday was different for God had decided to quietly help the minister. As a result each stroke he made was flawless and every ball found the hole with one shot. Only when the game was finally over did God silently withdraw.

All the while the angels watched the game in disbelief.

‘We thought you were going to teach this man a lesson’ they shouted, ‘but instead you helped him to achieve the greatest golf score in the history of the world’

‘True’ smiled God, ‘but ask yourself this, who can he tell?’

A. I.

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