Friday, July 09, 2010

Seeing the unseen...

We went to the field on a Sunday afternoon. We had been thinking about it for years. What would it look like? When would it begin? How long would it take? Who would see it? The usual questions.

It was really hot but it did not seem too bad as we gathered. Maybe the expectation of the moment and the fulfillment of hopes made us immune. But it was still person had trouble getting to the location we had chosen.

The field was larger than I expected. It did not look this large from the road...or on the plans...or in my head. As we stood there...maybe a dozen of looked huge. God's plans are like that. They do not look impressive or perhaps our expectations are too small. We whittle God down to the size of our expectations. Then He shows up.

We walked kept getting bigger. Then we stopped, gathered and began to talk. We prayed. It was not a long was too hot. But the prayer was about God; the usual things...thanks, hope and promise. We were beginning to see His dream, His property...His promise.

We got in our cars and drove away. The property had not changed. But we could see HAD changed. We could see the promise.

A. I.

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